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At Trilleco, we understand ourselves as an extension of our partner's team to maximize business outcomes and efficiency. Let's co-innovate together!

Your reliable partner. 

We are the extension of your team


Our smart manufacturing solutions can dramatically reduce costs and capital expenditures and simplify value chain management while increasing product quality, asset efficiency, decarbonization efforts, and brand perception. Our unique NoCode platform provides real-time asset monitoring, connected operational intelligence, and predictive maintenance of assets increasing efficiency, fostering streamlined maintenance, ushering our clients into the new age of industrial growth and competitiveness. With Trilleco get a grip on your carbon footprint, precisely define your long-term reduction strategy and watch it to execute.



From connected cars to automated transport systems, our patented platform uses an industrial IoT sensor network to revolutionize the way people interact with their vehicles. The usage of Industrial IoT has revamped car inspection and maintenance capabilities and presented new mediums of entertainment. Moreover, vehicular telematics is allowing long-range data transmission that has helped in the emergence of an IoT-powered fleet management system. Trilleco is at the edge of this innovation.



Our platform combines software components on the basis of which digital services can be implemented quickly and reliably. With the possibilities of IIoT, our NoCode IIoT platform, the logistics process can be made considerably more efficient. You can enable transparency across your logistic operations, manage risks and effectively reduce carbon emissions to contribute to the sustainable transport and logistics sector.



Major benefits of our solutions for the utilities industry include cost-efficiency and long-term savings. Sensor-based monitoring of utility assets and infrastructure helps optimize maintenance and prevent costly breakdown and downtime. IoT technology brings automation to production, distribution, and supply operations and helps reduce labor costs. Pairing different IoT utilities sensors (pipe pressure, electricity load, water quality, etc.) with advanced analytics allows to identify resource waste and inefficiencies with high precision and eliminate them before problems show up.


Another good reason to use our NoCode IIoT solutions at different levels of the supply chain is to increase the safety of staff and customers. Smart grid practices, condition monitoring, and proactive equipment maintenance help avoid accidents and reduce risks associated with utility operations and it works on a smaller scale too.


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