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Sustainable 3D Twin

Get accurate and real-time visualization of places,

devices and processes.


How does the solution work?

The Digital Twin enables companies to solve physical issues faster by detecting them sooner, predict outcomes to a much higher degree of accuracy, design and build better products, and better serve their customers. 

The usage of Digital Twins enhances operational efficiency, security, and safety while lowering costs, waste, and redundancy. With the wide nature of 3D-OS at your convenience, even the most complex tasks become easy. 



Our 3D operating system and APIs, aids our clients in creating 3D replicas of buildings which can be used in AR, VR, and MR platforms. This provides real-time insights, monitoring, control, and actioning of smart devices and processes in their buildings and facilities. 

With full control functionality as well as retrievable efficiency reporting from each specified device, property managers have power over the entire building system life cycle and its sustainability impact.

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Given Value

This is how our Digital 3D Twin maximizes your business outcome

Improved productivity

Enhanced insight into the performance

Reduced risk in various areas

Lower maintenance costs

Improved profits

Case Study

Visual tour of Kiertokaari

Kiertokaari 3D twin.jpg


"Our vision is to be a promoter of a sustainable circular economy."

Kiertokaari is a waste management company based in Finland. The company deals with municipal waste, which is produced in homes and city properties. They strive to educate residents on waste management thematics like waste reduction, sorting as well as the disposal of hazardous waste.

About Kiertokaari

Let's co-innovate together

Outcomes and improved efficiency with our 3D virtual twin solution


3D virtual twin

Improves the efficiency of the waste center in customer service and enhances safety and environmental aspects.



The virtual tour

The virtual tour enables one to receive advice and guidance on recycling.  Customers, new employees, and contractors are able to familiarise themselves with the area and its safety instructions in advance.



Smooth operations

Ensuring effective advice and guidance service, up-to-date and accessible information, efficient material recycling as well as the dissemination of public awareness to citizens.



Outputs for the city

Regional development, improved recycling, awareness of the environmental effect of recycling, real-time availability of information. Easily available key figures and organizational activities, development of a service location approach.


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For the net-zero, and sustainability goals of your business, we enable optimization opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve your competitiveness in the market.

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Calculate your organization’s entire carbon footprint and get insights to reduce your CO2 emissions.




Digital Twins

  • Optimizable facility performance 

  • Easy CO2 footprint visualization 

  • Simplified risk assessment and shorter production time

  • Integral data and process quality assurance

  • Onboarding of new employees 

  • Reliable financial decision-making

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